​No waste, just taste

Despite having spent the afternoon eating your bodyweight in turkey, sprouts, pigs-in-blankets, carrots and three different kinds of potatoes, there always seems to be enough Christmas dinner left over to do it all again the next day. This might not seem like a problem at first, but when you’ve had the same meal for a third time in two days, finishing off leftovers can seem more like a chore than a treat.

Many people find it difficult to breathe new life into their leftovers and see how they could use them in a different way. According to The Guardian, the UK is estimated to throw away around £13 billion worth of food each year, much of it was edible before ending up in the bin. Being able to reuse your leftover ingredients will not only help you avoid wasting food, but it could also save you, on average, £470 a year.

To help you liven up the remaining ingredients, we’ve put together a few tasty ideas for you try. You can also take a look at our No Waste, Just Taste Tastelist, full of simple, flavourful recipes to give you a little inspiration on how you can clear your fridge.


Leftover vegetables, chicken, and even turkey can be used to create delicious soups. Whether it’s blending the ingredients together with seasoning in a food processor, or boiling it all together in a flavoursome stock, these recipes can bring a new life to your leftovers and help you to avoid waste. A tasty soup can be eaten on the day or frozen to enjoy later – why not pack it in a flask to have for a tasty office lunch!

Our Chicken & Puy Lentil and Lightly Spiced Vegetable soups are two of our favourite ways to use leftovers from Christmas Dinner or a delicious Sunday roast.


Mixing leftover vegetables and cold meats into an omelette creates a tasty brunch with very little time or effort. For a little inspiration, we’ve put together a Leftover Omelette Bake recipe, perfect for using up any of those leftover ingredients and a tasty, healthy alternative to pizza.


Everyone knows how good a leftover Christmas sandwich can be on Boxing day, but when they’re on the menu the next day, and the day after that, it’s almost enough to put you off turkey until the next festive season. Swapping out the bread for warm flour tortillas and adding sliced vegetables and different condiments, like salsa, guacamole, or BBQ sauce can bring about a welcome change of flavour.

We particularly like using our leftover lamb in a wrap with sweet chilli and lime basmati, or chicken tacos to create a quick and tasty meal.

Rice dishes

For more substantial meals, creating a dish accompanied by rice can be a delicious use of your leftovers. Whether it’s mixing leftover peas, mushrooms or peppers into simple fried rice recipe to create your very own, takeaway standard special fried rice, or using your leftover meat as the centrepiece of a tasty curry, there are many easy recipes to choose from, ready for you to add your own culinary flare.

Our personal favourites are this delicious Basmati Pilaf with Turkey, Pistachio, Cranberries, Parsley and Thyme and Indian Style Rice and Chicken. For a vegetarian alternative, why not try this tasty Moroccan Vegetable Pilaf or Butternut Squash Curry.

Hungry for more leftover recipe ideas? Don’t forget to check out our No Waste, Just Taste Tastelist!