​February Half Term Activity Ideas

The February half term is infamous with parents and carers across the country. Like with all school breaks, it feels important to plan ahead and pack the week with activities to keep your children entertained. Thanks to the unpredictable weather and often dreary-looking February skies however, the week off can sometimes be a hard one to prepare for.

While it may feel harder to find indoor activities to fill the half term week, particularly if you’ve already exhausted local play centres, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of opportunities for fun available to you from the comfort of your own home. To help you get planning we’ve put together a few of our favourite half term activities that can be enjoyed rain or shine, no matter where you are.

Make sure you check out our half term meal planning tastelist, packed with recipes to give you a little menu inspiration for the week.

Board or card games

Not every activity this half term has to be a grand adventure. Sometimes there’s more fun to be had in the simple activities you can all enjoy together. Dust off a few board games, from family favourites to old classics that you could teach your children, and settle in for an afternoon of games. Taking the time to bond over the activity and encouraging a little competition will keep them entertained for hours.

Alternatively, dig out that old pack of cards and learn a new trick together. Sharing a little magic with your children will be great fun for the both of you they’ll love showing off their new card trick to friends and other family members.

Teddybear picnic / Afternoon tea

Another possibility for your February half term activity could be a teddybear’s picnic, or an afternoon tea if your children don’t feel like inviting their stuffed companions. Decorate your table with place settings, tea cups and a sophisticated centrepieces before serving up delicious finger sandwiches and cakes.

If you’re looking for some tasty new treats to try, take a look at our Chocolate Bean Brownies – delicious, gluten free and great fun to bake with your little helpers!

If you’re after something a little different, try the show-stopping Coconut and Mango Rice Puddings!

Get crafty

There are so many different craft activities available that can be recreated easily in your own home. Pull out some scrap paper and get folding; create a fleet of paper airplanes to race across a room, or find some origami patterns online and build your own paper farm. This fun, easy and crafty activity is enough to keep children entertained for hours.

Once the farm has grown, it’s time to dig through the recycling for any cereal boxes, egg cartons or milk bottles and build the origami animals a home. With sticky tape, glue and a strong imagination, the modelling opportunities are endless.

Kitchen fun

Some of the most fun can be had in the kitchen. There are some fantastic, simple recipes available to try with your children, and if they enjoy it, you can challenge them with more intricate recipes. This half term, why not take on a sous chef and let your little ones give you a helping hand?

Our half term tastelist is packed full of recipes you can create together, from delicious Thai Fish Cakes, to chicken skewers or even fun rice and bean boats!

Although cooking with children may take longer than usual, getting them involved in the meal preparation is a great way to keep them entertained and give them a hands-on experience with the day-to-day process of cooking and feeding a family.

With so many indoor activities to choose from, the unpredictable February weather won’t stop you from packing your half term with fun. Make sure you check out our half term meal planning tastelist and vegetarian alternative to inspire your week’s menu!