Eat al fresco

With Summer on our doorsteps, it’s time to dust down the garden furniture and do as the Italians do. Celebrate those long days and light nights with great flavours and good friends. So here’s our top recipes to eat al fresco!

Our quick and easy Paella is inspired by sunshine and never-ending days by the beach. The vibrant colour of the paprika paired with perfectly balanced flavours of sundried tomatoes and rosemary will help re-create the sun-soaked streets of Barcelona in your own back garden. Garnish with a wedge of lemon and say ¡Salud! to Summer.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Our Lebanese Warm Rice Salad has a gentle kick of heat and is just bursting with the essence and aromas of the Middle East. The perfect accompaniment to grilled fish or use to stuff roast peppers (your vegetarian friends will thank you). Pushed for time? Switch in a pack of Tilda Steamed Brown Basmati rice for its deliciously nutty taste, and it’ll be ready in no time. Grab a flat bread and jump in!

Jewelled with pomegranate seeds and sprinkled with toasted almonds, our Turkey Tagine recipe is a fruity and flavoursome dish. Chickpeas are a great cupboard staple that make curries and the like go further, plus they’re packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Finish with coriander and lemon zest and serve with our Wholegrain Basmati for a healthy, hearty curry that’s sure to impress.

Now you’ve found the perfect recipe, all that’s left is to gather your friends and cross your fingers for some sunshine!

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