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The Perfect Pairings

The guide has been designed to help people understand the complex characteristics of rice and discover the perfect mealtime pairings. Today there are many varieties, choosing the best accompaniment to your home cooked dish can be challenging. Just like a fine wine, each rice variety offers distinctive taste and textures. The superior Pure Original Basmati grain is aged to allow the unique taste and aroma to be at its best once cooked. This should be paired with the right spices and flavours which work with its flavour profile without overpowering a dish.

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Whether preparing a rich chilli con carne with wholegrain Basmati or rustling up a creamy salmon & asparagus stroganoff with Basmati & Wild rice, the Tilda Rice & Spice guide reveals the ultimate rice and spice combinations to bring out the very best in your cooking.  The guide includes top rice and spice pairings to help uncover how wholegrain Basmati balances perfectly with spices like smoked paprika in a chilli con carne and why Pure Basmati, often referred to as the ‘Prince of Rice’, is an ideal accompaniment to a perfect chicken curry. Making the most of Tilda’s range of rice varieties and creating the very best mouth-watering dishes at home has never been so simple.