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Basmati Pilaf with Turkey, Pistachio, Cranberries, Parsley and Thyme

Full of festive flavours from juicy turkey steaks, tart cranberries and vibrant pistachios, Andrew Mackenzie's take on a pilaf dish is sure to be a winner. Although there are many regional variants on pilaf, this method of cooking the basmati rice in stock ensures great flavour in every grain.

Prawn Tempura

Crispy coated prawns served with a chilli dip and Sweet Chilli Rice

Vegetable Satay Skewers

Sweet, crunchy vegetables coated with a rich, nutty sauce, grilled and served with Coconut, Chilli & Lemongrass basmati rice

Foluke's Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is a staple at gatherings in Africa, with each region putting a different twist to the dish. This mouthwatering jollof is a family recipe from Foluke. See her and her family in our <a href="">Tildalicious</a> video, and recreate it at home! Tildalicious Tip: If you are cooking for the whole family and don’t want the rice to be too hot, omit the scotch bonnet.

Tilli's Party Pasties

Our selection of Tilda Kids products and recipes are made with genuinely good ingredients for your little ones, just like these party pasties.

Freestyle Recipe #59 ‘Coconut Thai Boats’

These lettuce boats are great finger food for a party. The signature Thai taste comes from the green curry paste, lemongrass, and coconut milk.

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani a prized dish and real labour of love and hence made at special occasions.  It's a signature dish for gatherings, full of taste and mesmerising aromas to which Basmati rice is key.

Italian Rice Salad

Imagine yourself on a veranda in Tuscany, eating al fresco, surrounded by good food and good friends. This tasty Italian-inspired rice salad is perfect to be shared. <a href="">Tildalicious</a> Tip: You can add a variety of ingredients to this salad.  For a seafood alternative, add tuna, anchovies and lightly boiled eggs.

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