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Freestyle Recipe #4 'Moroccan Madness'

Whether with tofu or chicken, this Moroccan inspired dish is super versatile. Mix it up!

Freestyle Recipe #8 'Middle Eastern Veggie Boats'

Try swapping out the tortillas with some pitta bread as well!

Freestyle Recipe #11 'Middle Eastern Chicken'

A delicious Middle Eastern chicken dish made with Tilda Super Grains.

Freestyle Recipe #20 ‘Citrus Extravaganza’

The simple summery rice salad goes perfectly with our Super Grains!

Freestyle Recipe #23 'Lettuce-Eat!'

A simple dish that looks great, perfect for entertaining!

Freestyle Recipe #29 'Vegetable Tagine'

The sumac and baharat are the base on what you want when building up a Middle Eastern dish. Dial up the the spices for a more intense flavour!

Freestyle Recipe #36 'Fingerlicious Tagine'

If you are vegan or have vegan friends, this quick dish is perfect to share!

Freestyle Recipe #39 'Fruity Lettuce Pots'

We love these veggie Middle Eastern lettuce pots with halloumi, perfect for entertaining.

Freestyle Recipe #50 ‘Quinoa Cook Up’

A tasty tofu and quinoa dish for vegetarians influenced by a variety of cuisines and ingredients.

Freestyle Recipe #53 ‘Middle Eastern Madness’

Having essentials like baharat spice mix in your cupboard will put a Middle Eastern spin on your freestyle dishes.

Freestyle Recipe #56 ‘Halloumi and Veggie Super Grain Dish’

For all the halloumi lovers, an exotic vegetarian dish featuring fennel, tagine paste (add to taste for a deeper flavour!), and sumac.

Freestyle Recipe #58 ‘Middle Eastern Prawn and Halloumi Dinner’

An amazing platter for a party with something for everyone. Dial up the tanginess with a bit of sumac and pomegranate!

Freestyle Recipe #61 ‘Middle Eastern Super Grain Salad’

Try out this tasty dish using our Garlic & Ginger Super Grains. Keep baharat spice mix in your cupboard to add a little Middle Eastern flair to your midweek meals.

Freestyle Recipe #64 ‘Nathan's Tagine’

Freestyle your tagine with a variety of Tilda rice, just remember Middle Eastern staples like tagine paste, sumac, and baharat spice mix.

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