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Freestyle Recipe #36 'Fingerlicious Tagine'

If you are vegan or have vegan friends, this quick dish is perfect to share!

Freestyle Recipe #65 ‘Veggie Feta Tacos’

Our Spicy Mexican rice tastes amazing in tacos or tortillas. Freestyle with feta or your favourite cheese!

Freestyle Recipe #43 ‘Coco-Caribbean’

A delight for the senses, this tofu dish delivers on coconut flavours!

Freestyle Recipe #56 ‘Halloumi and Veggie Super Grain Dish’

For all the halloumi lovers, an exotic vegetarian dish featuring fennel, tagine paste (add to taste for a deeper flavour!), and sumac.

Freestyle Recipe #14 'H&D's Amazing Mexican Heaven'

This rice is really versatile and fits perfectly in a freestyle quesadilla. You can also try this recipe with chicken!

Freestyle Recipe #1 'Fruity Caribbean Fried Rice'

Tangy fruit adds a different layer to this Caribbean fried rice - Freestyle with different citrus fruits!

Freestyle Recipe #50 ‘Quinoa Cook Up’

A tasty tofu and quinoa dish for vegetarians influenced by a variety of cuisines and ingredients.

Freestyle Recipe #26 'Healthy South Indian Dish'

For a slightly different take on this scrumptious dish, try with lentils instead of chickpeas.

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