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Tilda Covid-19 Action Update

At Tilda our purpose has always been to inspire people to choose healthier options and embrace life in all its flavours.

At Tilda our purpose has always been to inspire people to choose healthier options and embrace life in all its flavours.

The Coronavirus global health pandemic created challenges for our company.  Here is how we were able to respond:

  • Food manufacturers like us work closely with the Health & Safety Executive, National Health Service and Food Standards Agency to ensure customer safety.  They assure us there is no evidence COVID-19 is transmitted via food or food packaging.
  • At each of our facilities we meet or exceed government guidelines to reduce the risk of Covid-19.  To this end, we have:
    • Enhanced and increased the frequency of deep cleaning and sanitation.
    • Visitor numbers are restricted.
    • We now operate with a minimum number of employees according to new procedures to ensure physical distances of more than 2 meters are maintained wherever possible.
    • All employees are temperature checked before entry and any employees who are unwell are supported and cared for at home.
    • The complete Tilda Covid-19 Risk Assessment is communicated to all employees and kept under review by our teams to promote constant improvement and vigilance.
  • Increased production (24/7) in response to unprecedented demand for Tilda products:
    • Prioritising production of smaller pack sizes to help more customers find Tilda products on-shelf and to encourage broader availability at a time when many dry food product lines were out-of-stock.
    • Larger 20kg pack sizes are intended for catering and foodservice customers many of whom have temporarily suspended activity and consequently demand dropped.  We very much look forward to resuming production of larger packs and to the reopening of the foodservice sector when government guidelines allow.
  • Each month, Tilda donates rice products to The Felix Project which distributes food to homelessness charities and food banks.  As a result of the unprecedented demand for rice products by aid recipients, Tilda has increased rice donations to 10 pallet loads per month.
  • Each year Tilda donates $250,000 USD to the World Food Programme to help combat low-birthweight during the first 1000 days of life.  These funds contribute to helping WFP provide a full range of humanitarian aid at ‘Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh which is the world’s largest refugee settlement.  We have further increased the Tilda donation to WFP for this year in response to the global pandemic.
  • At Tilda we have been struck by the unprecedented demand for our products.  We have endeavoured to step up production to meet this demand and to ensure that all customers are treated fairly.
  • We understand the reason for the increased demand for rice products.  It is a healthy choice and is considered a ‘food security’ product by traditional rice producing countries.
  • We decided not to increase prices during this period as a gesture of goodwill to all customers.  This is despite increased raw material and production costs.
  • As yet, it is too soon to make predictions for the coming harvest.  We are working with our suppliers to help with any increased assistance they may require.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.