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Impact Report

We’re on a mission to embrace life in all its flavours. We pour our love and energy into producing the perfect rice. Our ambition is to be one of the most inspiring and responsible rice producers in the world. As such, we have set out an Impact Report showcasing our commitments.

What Are We Doing?

This Impact Report aims to increase the transparency of what we do – from the Himalayan foothills where our rice is grown to the communities we serve. It includes our new commitments to create a better future for society and the planet.

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We are focussed on the three areas of our business that have the biggest impact – sourcing, manufacturing and packaging. Building on our fifty-year heritage, we’re constantly evolving and learning from the latest science and innovations. This year, we’ve launched a new set of commitments to drive progress and increase transparency.

Net Zero

Tackling climate change can’t wait. It is one of the greatest risks facing society and it will impact the future of our business. We know we must act to decarbonise our business in line with the journey to net zero. What do we mean by “net zero”? Achieving net zero means balancing the greenhouse gas emissions we produce by reducing our existing emissions and actively removing emissions from the atmosphere through carbon offsetting until we reach net zero.

Find Out How In The Report

“If we want to be the authority on rice, then we have to be humble and honest about our challenges, as well as our opportunities. That’s why we’re opening up the conversation about impact at Tilda and publicly sharing our commitments to address the challenges of climate change and packaging.”

Jean-Philippe Laborde, Tilda MD

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